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Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Horoscope for June 2020

June 1, 2020

Cap, major transitions leading to wish fullment, here’s what’s you get in June: back to work, new knowledge, tapping into your intuition.



Capricorn, with the Nine of Cups crossed by the Eight of Pentacles, June is all about getting your wishes fulfilled. You will have to work for it, I see repetitive tasks and mastery. I am also getting strong energy about you learning something and obtaining new knowledge. Whatever that may be, this is where your challenges lie this month.

I want to mention that there are three major arcana in this spread, including double eights(8 of Pentacles, Strength). The energies are strong, this is an important period in your life, and I see things working out smoothly.

You may be in your head a lot, juggling thoughts, also perhaps some indecision. The only enemy this month is yourself. In order to navigate out of these challenges, the universe says for you to tap into your intuition. The people around you will be there by your side.



For singles, the message is clear and I see emotional fulfillment this month. Focus your attention on your self-mastery and the sooner this person will show up in your life. There is potential for a long-term relationship.


In June, the person you are with embodies the energy of The Emperor. They have good intentions with lots of love, however, the person may come off as controlling and stern. I don’t see any conflicts arising because of it. It’s better to have an emperor by your side than a page.

For some of you, you could be having a baby. If you had been trying, June looks like a fruitful month.



I can’t help but feel this challenge in June is work-related. You could be holding yourself back or simply adjusting to a new working environment.


The people around you fully support you. The strength card coming out has huge significance in this spread. You have to be at the top of your game. It is being clarified with the Two of Pentacles. There is change happening and I feel you are holding on to an old way of thinking. The Emperor has significance in this position. It could be a boss, a person of authority, or an Aries. This person is here to give you what you want.


I see the Moon card with the High Priestess in the final position. There is some mystery that has yet to be revealed. The advice is to use your intuition, there is a lot of abundance in the end, yet it remains hidden from you, for now. There is a reason for it, perhaps there is a karmic lesson to be learned.

Just a reminder, this is a very positive reading, one of the best this month. If you are considering starting something new, this could be the mystery hidden from you. June will be the opportune time for new business endeavors. Everything is in alignment.


This is a general reading and will not resonate for everyone.